Skipping this year to make sure we are all here next year. St. Mary's Feast Society

How To Join Membership Applications

1. All applicants for regular membership must be Roman Catholic.
2. Applicants who are not Roman Catholics may apply for Associate Membership, however, they will not have the rights as regular members, however, they are allowed to patronize the lounge area and take part in any social function.
3. All applicants who may have been convicted of a Felony or Capital Crime are not eligible to apply for membership. A background check is taken for all applicants.
4. The society’s prime objective is to pay homage to Mary, our blessed mother, under the title, Maria Santissima Della Civita, by conducting a yearly feast and festival in her honor during the month of July which began in 1905.

How To Reserve Space Rental Applications

1. Maximum Capacity of the Hall is 100 persons per Rhode Island State Law.
2. Cost of rental is $300.00 – Included is use of hall, use of kitchen, and bartender on duty.
3. An assigned bartender will be present and is in charge of the hall and its use at all times, according to Feast Society rules and regulations. The bartender is to be treated with respect, and is in charge of the hall and grounds.
4. Those people who rented the hall, and whose name(s) appear on this application are responsible for any damages to society property, and for any excess cleaning that may need to be done. The society will not be held responsible for any lost/stolen personal items.
5. This rental agreement must be signed and agreed to by the person applying for the rental at the time of application. The rental fee must be paid in full no later than SEVEN days prior to the event. Checks are to be made payable to St. Mary’s Feast Society. The Society DOES NOT accept debit/credit cards for rental fees.
6. Set up time may start NO SOONER THAN 1 HOUR prior to the rental time on the application. Tables and chairs are provided by the Society.
7. Under no circumstances will liquor, beer, wine, soda, water or any other type of beverage be brought into the Society. All of these items are available from and must be purchased at the lounge bar only. A minimum of $50.00 worth of purchases must be made at the bar over the course of your event.
8. All rentals are for a MAXIMUM of SIX HOURS. Evening rentals must vacate the hall no later than 12:00am midnight. Sunday rentals can begin no earlier than 1:00pm (including set up time). Funeral collation rentals must vacate the hall before 3:00pm.
9. Those renting the hall, whose name(s) appear on this application are responsible for leaving the hall as found, removing all decorations, food and anything else brought in for the event. The Bartender on duty will be in charge of compliance to this rule.
10. OPEN BAR: Open Bar is available and can be arranged.