Skipping this year to make sure we are all here next year. St. Mary's Feast Society

Rich Spiritual Heritage About Our Society

In order to perpetuate the traditions of those who migrated to this country from the town of Itri, Italy, many years ago and settled in the Knightsville area of Cranston in honoring Mary, our Blessed Virgin Mother, under the title, Maria Santissima Della Civita, which began in the town of Itri with her first Coronation, which was decreed by His Holiness, Pope Pius VI, July 21, 1777, we their descendants and all other Roman Catholic members who have come to love and honor the blessed Mother, do hereby pledge as members of the St. Mary’s Feast Society and Ladies Auxiliary, endeavor to faithfully fulfill this tradition by continuing the Patronal Feast in her honor each year in the month of July.

The St. Mary’s Feast Society was first organized in 1905 under its original name, “Comitato Festa Di Maria SS Della Civita” and conducted the first Feast in honor of our Blessed Mother, under the title, Maria Santissima della Civita, from the old St. Rocco’s Church. Twenty years later on April 12, 1925, St. Mary’s Parish was established under the Patronage of our Lady of Civita. The St. Mary’s Feast Society then transferred the annual feast to St. Mary’s Church and from this point on, both Society and Church have worked together to venerate the Madonna Della Civita with the yearly feast and festival in the month of July The Feast is a celebration of devotion towards our Madonna and recalls our rich spiritual heritage. To her, we owe a deep debt of gratitude for the many graces she has won for us through her beloved Son, Jesus Christ, throughout the many years. May she continue to bless all of our efforts in building God’s Kingdom here on earth.